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Kaylee Atchison
Energetic, Spontaneous, Kind

TBCC: Tell me a little about you?
Kaylee:  I graduated from Tillamook High School in 2012, but I have attended TBCC for three years now. I have lived in Tillamook for ten years with my parents, brothers, and sister. I am currently working at TBCC in a work-study position. Besides school and work, I enjoy playing tennis, hanging out with my friends, and church activities.

What brought you to Tillamook Bay Community College?
Kaylee: Currently I am here through the opportunity for the First Class Scholarship. In high school, I was brought to TBCC so I could obtain college credits earlier and take courses that are more challenging.

What has been your most rewarding experience at TBCC so far?
Kaylee: Besides getting good grades and being able to overcome some of my fears, it has been extremely rewarding for me personally to take classes that go directly towards my major when I transfer.

What are your plans for YOUR future?
Kaylee: I’m transferring in the fall to Western Oregon University. I am really looking forward to being there and I will be majoring in Elementary Education

How has TBCC help prepare you for your future plans?
Kaylee: TBCC has prepared me by providing most of the classes I need to take for my major in a smaller, less-expensive setting,
while still providing me with the college experience.

What kind of challenges have you enountered while attending TBCC?
Kaylee: Coming straight from high school I had a hard time adjusting to the schedule. I had to figure out different times to do my homework and how to balance my school and fun. I still struggle with it at times but I have learned to use my time wisely.

Do you have any advice for new students coming to TBCC?
Kaylee: Make good choices! Everything you do affects your future! And as my dad likes to quote Ms. Frizzle from Magic School
Bus, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

Was there anything you would change about TBCC to make your experience better?
Kaylee: The biggest thing I had trouble with was scheduling. I had many class time conflicts that I had to figure out how to go about fixing.

Kaylee Atchison, choosing TBCC to help move her forward!


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