TBCC Self-Evaluation Report (Fall 2013) Documentation

Standard 1 - Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations

s1.1 Mission, Vision, Themes, and Objectives 2013 s1_1_mission2013.pdf
s1.2 TBCC Catalog, 2012-2013 s1_2_tbcc2012catalog.pdf (additional Catalogs available in Documents Room on site)
 s1.3 Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes s1_3_fall2012sked.pdf (additional Schedules of Classes available in Documents Room on site)
 s1.4 TBCC Catalog, 2013-2014 s1_4_tbcc2013catalog.pdf

Standard 2A - Resources and Capacity: Governance

s2A.1 Policy Manual policy_manual.pdf (document scheduled for update in 9/2013)
 s2A.2 Board of Education Minutes, 2010-2013 Available in Documents Room (Board Packets available online at Board Meetings)
 s2A.3 Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws s2a_3_incorporation.pdf
 s2A.4 Administrative Rules Complete document available at http://www.tbcc.cc.or.us/images/documents/admin_rules.pdf (document scheduled for update in 9/2013)
 s2A.5 Board and Committee Membership,    2012-2013 s2a_5_board_members.pdf
 s2A.6 Administrative Position Descriptions Available in Documents Room
 s2A.7 Salary Data for Administration and    Staff s2a_7_salaries.pdf
 s2A.8 Transfer of Credit Policies s2a_8_credit_policies.pdf
 s2A.9 Policy on Student Rights and    Responsibilities s2a_9_student_rr.pdf
 s2A.10 Samples of Print and Electronic    Promotional Materials Available in Documents Room on site
 s2A.11 Codes of Conduct Statements s2a_11_conduct.pdf
 s2A.12 Policies on Fair Treatment s2a_12_fair_treatment.pdf
 s2A.13  Policies on Conflict of Interest s2a_13_conflict_int.pdf
 s2A.14 Contracts with Other Institutions s2a_14a_pcc_contract.pdf;    s2a_14b_clatsop_contract.pdf
 s2A.15 Policies on Academic Freedom s2a_15_acad_freedom.pdf
 s2A.16 Required Institutional Disclosures s2a_16_disclosures.pdf
 s2A.17 Board Self Evaluation Form s2a_17_board_eval.pdf
 s2A.18 College Council Minutes Available in Documents Room on site
 s2A.19 Government and Leadership Document s2a_19_gov_lead.pdf

Standard 2.B - Resources and Capacity: Human Resources

 s2B.1 Organizational Chart s2b_1_org_chart
  s2B.2 Faculty and Administration Characteristics s2b_2_fac_admin_char.pdf
  s2B.3 Institutional Faculty Profile s2b_3_inst_fac_profile.pdf
  s2B.4 Terminal Degrees of Faculty s2b_4_fac_degrees.pdf
  s2B.5 Policies on Evaluation of Faculty s2b_5_fac_eval.pdf
  s2B.6 Impact of Faculty Scholarship s2b_6_fac_schol.pdf
  s2B.7 Artistic Creation, Scholarly Activity, and Research s2b_7_fac_creation.pdf
  s2B.8 Faculty in Non-Credit Programs s2b_8_ce_fac.pdf
  s2B.9 Policies Governing Part-Time Faculty s2b_9_pt_faculty.pdf
  s2B.10 Summary Reports of Student Evaluations ('10-'13) s2b_10_sum_evals.pdf
  s2B.11 Faculty Involvement with Public/Community Services s2b_11_fac_pub_srv.pdf
  s2B.12 Policies Regarding Faculty Scholarship, Artistic Creation, and Research Activity s2b_12_schol_etc.pdf
  s2B.13 Non-Faculty Evaluation (Policy 309) s2b_13_nonfac_eval.pdf
  s2B.14 Policies on Selection of Non-Faculty Personnel s2b_14_personnel.pdf

Standard 2.C - Resources and Capacity: Education Resources

s2C.1 Inventory of Degree Programs Added/Deleted s2c_1_ degree_inventory.pdf
 s2C.2 Degrees Granted, 2010-2013 s2c_2_degrees_granted.pdf
 s2C.3 Program Outcomes s2c_3_outcomes.pdf
 s2C.4 Faculty Committees and Membership s2c_4_fac_committees.pdf
 s2C.5 Program Approval and Development s2c_5_prog_appr.pdf
 s2C.6 Faculty Curriculum Committee Records Available in Documents Room on site
 s2C.7 Faculty Handbook s2c_7_faculty_hndbk.pdf
 s2C.8 Grade Distribution Statistics s2c_8_grade_distrib.pdf
 s2C.9 Policies Regarding Remedial Work, Credit for Prior Learning, and Awarding Credit s2c_9_pol_credit.pdf
 s2C.10 General Education Policies/Rationale s2c_10_gen_ed_pol.pdf
 s2C.11 Off Campus Programs s2c_11_offcampus_progs.pdf
 s2C.12 Appraisal of Off-Campus Programs & Courses s2c_12_offcampus_approve.pdf
 s2C.13 Publications for Continuing Education Courses Available in Documents Room on site
 s2C.14 Academic Master Plan 2012-2015 s2c_14_amp_2012.pdf

Standard 2.D - Resources and Capacity: Student Support Resources

s2D.1 Student Handbook, 2012-2013 s2d_1_stdnt_hndbk.pdf
 s2D.2 Student Retention and Graduation Data, 2010-2013 s2d_2_stdnt_retent_grad.pdf
 s2D.3 Student Affairs Staff Profile s2d_3_stdnt_staff.pdf (See also s2b_1_org_chart.pdf)
 s2D.4 Student Services Assessment Plan Available in Documents Room on site
 s2D.5 Procedures for Policy Development s2d_5_policy_dev.pdf
 s2D.6 Student Characteristics s2d_6_stdnt_characteristics.pdf
 s2D.7 Admissions Report s2d_7_admiss_rpt.pdf
 s2D.8 Student Admission and Credit Records s2d_8_credit.pdf
 s2D.9 Registration of Students and Awarding of Units s2d_9_registration.pdf
 s2D.10 Materials and Forms Used in Advising Advising materials available in Documents Room on site
 s2D.11 Statistics on Student Financial Aid s2d_11_fa_stats_2012.pdf
 s2D.12 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, 2012-2015 s2d_12_sem_2012.pdf

Standard 2.E - Resources and Capacity: Library and Information Resources

 s2E.1 Brochures on Information Resources s2e_1_lib_info.pdf
 s2E.2 Collection Management Policies s2e_2_coll_mgmt.pdf
 s2E.3 Statistics on Library Use (Gate Counts) s2e_3_lib_use_stats.pdf
 s2E.4 Library Collection and Learning Resources s2e_4_lib_collection.pdf
 s2E.5 Computer Usage Statistics See s2E.3 above.
 s2E.6 Library Assessment Plan s2e_6_lib_assess_2013.pdf
 s2E.7 Number and Assignments of Library Staff s2e_7_lib_staff.pdf
 s2E.8 Vitae of Professional Library Staff Available in Documents Room on site
 s2E.9 Printed Information for Computing s2e_9_print_comp.pdf
 s2E.10 Chinook Contract s2e_10_chinook.pdf
s2E.11 ILL Agreement s2e_11_ill.pdf

Standard 2.F - Resources and Capacity: Financial Resources

s2F.1 Current Fund Revenues s2f_1_revenues.pdf
 s2F.2 Current Funds Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers s2f_2_expenditures.pdf
 s2F.3 Revenues and Expenditures s2f_3_rev_exp.pdf
 s2F.4 Sources of Financial Aid s2f_4_fin_aid.pdf
 s2F.5 Operating Gifts and Endowments s2f_5_gifts&endowments.pdf
 s2F.6 Capital Investments s2f_6_capital.pdf
 s2F.7 Debt Service Schedule s2f_7_debtsrv.pdf
 s2F.8 Endowment and Life Income Fund Report s2f_8_endowment.pdf
 s2F.9 Supplementary Documentation of Year-End Accruals s2f_9_accruals.pdf
 s2F.10 Financial and Management Reports s2f_10_fin_rpts.pdf
 s2F.11 IPEDS Financial Section Reports for 2010-2012 s2f_11_ipeds_fin.pdf
 s2F.12 Annual Financial Audit s2f_12_audit_2012.pdf (Additional audits available in Available in Documents Room on site)
 s2F.13 Annual Budget (2012-2013) s2f_13_budget_2012.pdf (Additional budgets available in Available in Documents Room on site)
 s2F.14 Oregon Budget Law s2f_14_or_budget_law.pdf
 s2F.15 Budget Development Guidelines and Schedule for 2013-2014 Budget s2f_15_budget_dev_guide.pdf

Standard 2.G - Resources and Capacity: Physical and Technical Infrastructure

s2G.1 Campus Map s2g_1_campus_map.pdf
 s2G.2 Policies on Access to Campus s2g_2_access.pdf
 s2G.3 Major Property Additions/Capital Improvements, 2010-2016 s2g_3_property.pdf
 s2G.4 Examples of Equipment Inventories s2g_4_sample_inventories.pdf
 s2G.5 Schedule for Replacement of Instructional Technology/Equipment s2g_5_instruct_equip_replace.pdf
 s2G.6 Facilities Plan, 2012-2015 s2g_6_facilities_plan_2012.pdf
 s2G.7 Technology Plan, 2012-2015 s2g_7_tech_plan_2012.pdf

Standard 3.A - Institutional Planning

s3A.1 Strategic Framework 2012-2015 s3a_1_stratframe2012_15.pdf
 s3A.2 Strategic Plan 2010-2015 s3a_2_stratplan2010.pdf
 s3A.3 Work Plans to Meet Benchmarks (2012-2013) s3a_3_work_plans.pdf
 s3A.4 Safety Plan/Manual s3a_4_safety_pol.pdf

Standard 3.B - Core Theme Planning

 s3B.1 Core Themes and Mission Fulfillment Indicators Report (2013) s3b_1_indicators2013.pdf
 s3B.2 Core Themes Indicators Report (2011) s3b_2_indicicators2011.pdf
 s3B.3 Institutional Goals and Core Themes Indicators Report (2010) s3b_3_indicicators2010.pdf
 s3B.4 CCSSE Results for TBCC Available in Documents Room on site
 s3B.5 SENSE Results for TBCC Available in Documents Room on site

Standard 4 - Effectiveness and Improvement

 s4.1 Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (Revised 2013) s4_1_assess_plan2013.pdf
 s4.2 Assessment Group Records Available in Documents Room on site
 s4.3 Business Program Review (2012) s4_3_ba_prog_rev.pdf
 s4.4 Self Evaluation Compliance Audit (2011) s4_4_se2011audit.pdf

Standard 5 - Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability

 s5.1 EMT Program Accreditation Self Study (2013) s5_1_emt_accred_rpt2013.pdf
 s5.2 Title II Program Review (2010) s5_2_t2_prog_rev2010.pdf
 s5.3 TBCC Self Evaluation Report 2011 s5_3_se2011tbcc.pdf
 s5.4 TBCC Self Study Report 2010 s5_4_ss2010tbcc.pdf
 s5.5 TBCC Self Study Report 2008 s5_5_ss2008tbcc.pdf
 s5.6 OCCURS Reports Available in Documents Room on site
 s5.7 IPEDS Reports Available in Documents Room on site