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Policy driven governance empowers boards of directors to fulfill their obligation and responsibility for the general supervision and control of the organization. This model of governance allows the board to focus on larger issues, to delegate with clarity, evaluate the outcomes and accomplishments and lead the organization. As the College moves toward independent accreditation, it will be required to establish a number of "administrative" rules that will either relate to existing policy or new policies. The Board approved the general outline of the administrative rules on January 7, 2008.

In order to begin the process, it is important that we review our current policies to determine to what extent, administrative procedures are part of existing policy and the general currency of our policies. Attached is an annual policy review schedule that should become an on-going process of board review each year. One quarter of the College policies will be reviewed each quarter of the calendar year. This process assures currency and can contribute to the evaluation and effectiveness of the policy driven governance model. Any changes to current policies must go through Board Policy No. 102 "Policies and Procedures" in its present form unless changed according to policy. Also attached is the Board Policy on policy and administrative rules.


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