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Please read this page before going to the online Course Proposal Form(pdf)

Thank you for your interest in teaching for Tillamook Bay Community College's Continuing and Community Education Program. Our mission is to provide quality lifelong learning that is responsive and accessible to the citizens of Tillamook County. Our classes are generated from the philosophy that learning is a rewarding, lifelong experience that occurs most fully in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere.

The best instructor candidates for our program are individuals who combine a sincere interest in community service with a desire to supplement their existing income. Although our compensation is competitive with other continuing education programs around the state, it must be understood that it cannot be regarded as primary employment. We cannot offer full-time employment to our instructors, nor is teaching for us a route to full-time employment with our program. Nonetheless, we are very interested in developing long-term relationships with successful instructors.

Continuing & Community Education is seeking qualified instructors in a variety of interest areas to teach in North, South or Central Tillamook County. Potential topics are listed below. (Highlighted topics indicate a specific need for the upcoming term.)

Cooking Classes featuring Local Chefs
  • Chinese Cooking
  • Mexican Cooking
  • High Tea
Arts & Crafts
  • Drawing
  • Stained Glass
  • Life Story Writing
  • Photography
  • Jewelry Making
  • Scrapbooking
  • Matting and Framing
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • Needlework
  • Ballroom
  • Latin
  • Belly Dancing
  • Swing
  • Grant Writing


Welding & Metal Working

Foreign Language
  • Spanish
  • French
  • American Sign Language
  • Drumming
  • Guitar

  • Northwest, US, and international destinations

Home Remodeling and Repair, specifically:
  • Easy Home Repairs
  • Upholstery

Computers/Technology Classes

  • Photo editing
  • Computer Applications (Office 2010; Quickbooks;      Windows 8)
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Social Media
  • Networking/Troubleshooting
  • Smart Phone & Tablet usage
  • Digital Photography

Before completing the course proposal form, we ask that you review the information at right. We then invite you to complete all sections of the online course proposal form.

Each quarter submitted course proposals will be reviewed. If your course is selected, you will be notified. If we are unable to integrate your proposal into our present course offerings, it will be kept on file for future consideration.
Quarter Due Date
Fall June
Winter October
Spring December
Summer March
Course proposals submitted after the respective dates will be considered for the following quarter.

Factors to consider when proposing a class

Please review these guidelines before submitting a course proposal:

  • Review our current quarter's schedule to see if your proposed class is already being offered. Our schedule of classes can be found here.
  • Is your class idea being offered at other venues in Tillamook County? Continuing and Community Education avoids offering classes that may compete with offerings from other schools, businesses, or government agencies.
  • Are you considering teaching this course elsewhere in Tillamook County? We request that classes you teach for TBCC are not taught elsewhere in Tillamook County. Competing against yourself can lead to low enrollments resulting in cancelled classes and disappointed students.
  • Continuing and Community Education draws students primarily from the Tillamook County area with a population of approximately 25,380 people. Is your class wide enough in scope to appeal to the general population?
  • Community Education is a self-supporting department within the college. The price we charge for the class covers both your salary as well as an overhead charge for Community Education.
  • Workshops cannot be designed to sell or recommend products from your business or promote your consulting services.

Contact for Questions:

Gina Fox, Community Education Coordinator

(503) 842-8222 ext. 1320 OR

Toll Free (888) 306-8222 ext. 1320

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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