Degrees and Certificates

The Associate of General Studies degree is designed for students wishing to acquire a broad
education, rather than pursuing a specific college major or career/technical program. Because
of the flexibility of this degree, it may not fulfill requirements for transfer to a four-year institution.



Completion of WR 121 with a grade of C or better OR
Passing a lower division collegiate writing course for which WR 121 is a prerequisite with a letter grade of C or better   OR

(Students with an Associate or Bachelor's degree or higher from a U.S. regionally accredited institution will have the writing competency (WR 121) waived.)


Completion of MTH 65 or MTH 63 with a letter grade of C or better OR

Passing a mathematics course for which MTH 65 is a prerequisite with a letter grade of C or better.


Students must earn a minimum of 16 credits of General Education taken from the General Education Distribution List. See catalog (pdf)

      Courses must be at least three credits each. At least one course from each category and no more than 8 credits from any one category. The General Education requirements for the AGS degree will be waived for students who have an Associate or Bachelor degree or higher from an accredited U.S. institution.





All students must complete elective credits to meet the overall reequirements of 90 credits for this degree. Elective credits may apply from MTH 30 or higher, any lower division collegiate or career-technical courses. Elective credit limitations are:

          Maximum of 6 credits of Physical Education (PE) courses may apply

          Maximum of 6 credits of one-credit MSD workshops may apply

        Maximum of 24 credits of professional skills classes (PST) may apply

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