Degrees and Certificates


Business management involves more than just understanding corporate practices, policy, marketing, accounting principles and standard procedures. It also requires working well with employees to help them achieve career and performance objectives. In this way and others, management supervisors provide the framework in which a successful business can thrive, not just survive.

In the business world, leadership opportunities arise daily, and no matter what your role is, you need to be ready. The value of providing strong leadership and organizational consistency is critical to business management. That's why the Business Management program at TBCC teaches fundamental business concepts, as well as the art of raising human potential to its greatest heights.

Degrees and Certificates

In this program you can earn the following:

Management Associate of Applied Science Degree

Retail Management Certificate and Degree

TBCC's Management program provides a well-rounded curriculum to equip students with essential management skills and concepts; program options include individualized study, college credit and open exit plans. Management is part of the Business Administration program.

Foundation for Excellence

TBCC's Management program focuses on building the foundation of a strong career in business management. Core emphasis is placed on management principles, marketing, accounting, office management and small business management. As a management supervisor, you will be a vital member of a business organization. While your responsibilities will vary according to the size and type of business where you are employed, the primary concepts will stay the same. No matter where you decide to go with your education, you will have the tools you need to succeed.

See the catalog(pdf) for the information regarding program requirements.

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