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Industrial Maintenance Technology

The Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) program provides a pathway for high school students, employees, and job-seekers, through college courses, certificates, and/or apprenticeship to the AAS degree. After completion of the AAS in IMT, graduates will be prepared for career advancement within the industry. Additional education might lead to baccalaureate degrees and beyond in management or engineering.

Career opportunities include local and regional wood products mills, secondary wood products companies, local food processors, and additional opportunities outside the area in manufacturing and maintenance for pulp & paper, wood products, food processing, warehousing, chemical processing etc. within Oregon or any industrial application needing maintenance technicians in the electro-mechanical systems and automation fields.

Courses and program will be connected to and articulated with the high school via dual credit.  Recruitment will focus on the local high school. Course work will be community college courses. Although courses will be connected to an approved apprenticeship program, courses and program will be made available to the general public for upgrade training, advancement, or new jobs. 

The Industrial Maintenance Technology degree program provides options for people either entering or working in various maintenance career fields. Students receive a strong theoretical foundation and application of skills and knowledge in electricity/electronics; mechanical systems; pneumatics; hydraulics; programmable logic controls (PLC); sensors; robotics; with applied theory in hands-on lab experiences. Individuals who have minimal experience, or are already working in the field, should work closely with the program advisor to explore options utilizing cooperative education and other on-the-job experience activities.


Building on the concepts, understandings, and applications gained through achievement of certificates, students who successfully complete this degree should be:

  • able to integrate scientific and mathematical concepts in diagnosis and repair of industrial equipment;
  • and apply scientific and mathematical concepts as well as technological applications in the improvement of work process and disciplines to aid team building process and product improvement as well as assist in other life roles.

Links:    IMT  Degree Worksheet

             2-Year Term-To-Term Plan


All degree candidates must comply with Comprehensive Requirements, Specific Requirements, and General Education Requirements for the AAS Degree

Less Than 1-Year and 1-Year Certificates available. See TBCC Catalog for more information.

Helpful Links

  • Industrial Maintenance Technology Certificate Worksheet

For more information contact Career Education Advisor (503) 842-8222 x1145.


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