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Criminal Justice

Can you help rehabilitate a youth who already has a criminal record? How does a forensic pathologist know how to treat a crime scene? What is the Miranda decision and how does it affect the rights of those who are arrested or held in custody? These are only a few questions you can expect answered by our Criminal Justice program, one that provides a balance between a comprehensive introduction to criminal law and corrections and the fundamental skills you need to get started in the field.

TBCC's Criminal Justice program offers a variety of courses, providing an overview of the criminal justice system while also focusing on elements of criminal investigations, forensics and police report writing. Law enforcement agencies, both state and federal, routinely seek our graduates because of the rigorous, comprehensive, and quality education we provide. We're sure you'll agree. When it comes to addressing crime, we excel in training you to understand the policy, procedures, and applications of the law.

Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Applied Science

Corrections Technician Pathway Certificate

Experience, Skills, Accreditation

Our criminal justice faculty at TBCC have extensive education and experience in local and state police, corrections agencies, the FBI, and more. Only instructors who have proven experience, knowledge of proper procedures, and an understanding of criminal law teach our courses, which means that you receive up-to-date, relevant skills. City, County and State agencies have given our program the highest marks. Many of our graduates go on to pursue higher degrees.

Our program's purpose is to help you complete a degree, prepare for a promotion, or gain additional expertise in particular criminal justice courses. You can acquire the skills you need to advance your career.

See the catalog(pdf) for the information regarding program requirements.

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