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Don't have a high school diploma?

Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) can assist you in obtaining the equivalent to a high school diploma - the GED - which will enable you to pursue further education, improve your employment status, or fulfill a personal goal.

The four tests that make up the GED:

Reasoning Through Language Arts 160 minutes
Social Studies 95 minutes
Science 95 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning 120 minutes

Who is eligible for the GED?

You must be at least 16 years old in order to take the GED exams. If you are under 18 or a current high school student, you must provide a "Release from Compulsory Attendance" from your high school before attending classes or taking the GED Tests.  This release is available from the school district.

How can I prepare for the GED Tests?

TBCC's GED preparation classes are held at the main campus. 

We strive to make the learning environment as comfortable as possible.

GED preparation classes are $15.00 per term with open-enrollment so you can join at any time. Practice tests are available through These tests will guide you to areas you may need to study more to be successful.

Where can I take the GED Tests?

GED tests must be taken at an official GED Testing Center. TBCC is an official GED Testing Site. Tests are given in the Testing Center - Room 209, upstairs by the TBCC Library/Learning Center. Testing hours vary.  If you are having troubles scheduling your test for our site, please try reducing the number of tests you are registering for.

What do I bring to the testing center?

You must bring current, government issued, photo identification which includes a signature to your testing appointment.  We cannot accept your college ID as proof of identification.

You are allowed to use a calculator for the math exam. One will be provided to you. You will not be allowed to access your cell phone as a calculator.

Items that CANNOT be brought in: personal items such as purses, jackets, cell phones, food, paper, pencils, etc. Locked cabinets are provided for storage. We encourage you to leave these items at home.

What are the costs of GED Testing?

The current fee is $38.00 per test or $152.00 for all four tests. (Price subject to change.) With each paid test, you will receive 2 re-take opportunities at a discounted price of $10.00 each. (Promotion valid through 2015 - subject to change.)

How do I get started with GED Testing?

All registration, scheduling, and payment for testing are done directly online at where step-by-step instructions are provided. If you are having troubles scheduling your test for our site, please try reducing the number of tests you are registering for.  The TBCC Testing Center is generally open for five hours per session. The entire GED series takes approximately eight hours to complete.  You may test without taking the GED preparation classes.

Is there a graduation ceremony for GED completers?

Yes. Currently we hold a graduation ceremony in June of each year, at the same time as TBCC graduation. We encourage all GED completers to participate in Graduation as a celebration of your achievement. Family and friends are encouraged to attend to help celebrate. If you are going to participate in graduation, please make sure to sign the release form provided by the testing center.

Already completed your GED and needing transcripts?

AS OF March 1, 2015, students will need to go to GEDTS Credentialing for this service. This page will reflect the change after the date mentioned. Click here for FAQs regarding this change.


Adult Basic Skills/ GED Prep/ESOL

General Information

Have you been thinking of continuing your education?  If so, NOW is a great time to get started at Tillamook Bay Community College with the Adult Basic Skills (ABS), GED Preparation or ESOL programs.  

These programs offer open-enrollment, which means YOU can join the class at any time during the term.  Each term is 11 weeks and the total cost for the entire term, no matter when you enroll, is only $15.  No need to wait until next term.  You can get started TODAY!  

The morning ABS/GED classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 12:20 pm and the evening classes are held Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00 pm -7:50 pm.  This allows you to fit school around the rest of your life.  Please check the current Schedule of Classes to verify the time and location of the class you are interested in taking.

Tillamook Bay Community College is also proud to be partnering with the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Department to offer ABS/GED classes in the jail as well as with parole and probation.  If you know of anyone who could take advantage of this program, please have them contact staff with the Sheriff Department.

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