Peer tutoring is a free college service to help you succeed. Our tutors are top students who can help you understand course content and guide you in college study strategies. Tutors meet with you once a week, and help you on a one-to-one basis.

Check the schedule, and stop by the library to sign up:

Application to receive Peer Tutoring

For more information please contact the library.

We are now accepting applications for new tutors for Spring 2015

I would encourage anyone who has accomplished a math class with a thorough understanding of the subject to sign up as a peer tutor.  It is very rewarding.  There is no feeling on earth like seeing the light bulb come on in someone’s face and have them say, “Chloe, it just clicked. I GET IT NOW.”  That means I did my job and they got what they needed. It gives a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and usefulness.
--- Chloe Brown, TBCC Peer Tutor

Do you want to help other students and develop your own leadership abilities? AND earn some extra money? Many tutors discover their natural teaching abilities while tutoring and decide to become teaching assistants, teachers, or professors. Others become nurses, translators, engineers, scientists, historians, librarians and other careers that make use of the skills they developed as a tutor.

Tutor Qualifications:

  • Visit the library and pick up an application
  • Have earned a B or higher in course(s) you wish to tutor
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be a registered TBCC student during the term you serve as a peer tutor
  • Have earned at least 30 credit hours

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