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"Whether we are aware of it or not, architecture is part of everybody's personal history."

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Asian Sub-continent; China and Japan

"The architecture of the Far East shows extreme individuality, compelling and memorable..."

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Meso-America and Ancient Greece

"The Spaniards were very impressed by Tenochtitlan..."

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Ancient Rome; Early Christian and Byzantine

"Under the Roman Empire, architecture, buoyed along by new techniques, achieved a prowess that, in some areas, European architecture was not again to reach until the seventeenth, eighteenth or even nineteenth century."

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Romanesque; Islam

"One of the extraordinary things about the Romanesque is that both secular and religious buildings seem to have gained dignity from their ambivalent inspiration."

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Medieval and Gothic; Renaissance in Italy; Spread of the Renaissance

"Occasionally in the story of architecture there occurs a particular person, place or building that we can point to as a milestone, saying here started such a style."

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Baroque and Rococo; Romantic Classicism; The Americas

"Beginning where Michelangelo left off, a new generation of Roman architects abandoned the antique and threw themselves into an art that overspilled all established boundaries and conventions"

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Triumph of the Iron Masters; A New Vision

"It was an age of uncertainty."

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International Style; End of the Century

"The need for order was in a sense true of the whole of the period."

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All quotations are taken from Patrick Nuttgens' book The Story of Architecture