Creating Accessible Meetings

If you are responsible for making arrangements for meetings which may have people with disabilities in attendance, you may wish to consider the following points:
  1. The location is completely physically accessible with accessible restrooms, water fountains, and telephone with TDD nearby.
  2. A statement was included on the registration flyer stating: "If you have any special accommodation needs, please contact [department's name and contact person] by [time deadline, usually three weeks before the event]."
  3. A sign language interpreter has been arranged through DS.
  4. Printed materials will be available to assist participants who have difficulty taking their own notes or to support those with auditory processing problems. The notes and diagrams will be clearly typed and have adequate "white space."
  5. Arrangements have been made to record the presentation for participants who have print disabilities.
  6. Someone organizing the event has agreed to meet the participant with a visual impairment and orient him to the area.
  7. If the room lighting must be reduced, there will be enough for participants to see the interpreter's signs and lip movements.
  8. Tables and chairs in the area will be arranged so that people using wheelchairs can move around easily.
  9. Accessible parking places will be near the meeting area.
  10. Overheads are white or yellow type on black or very dark blue backgrounds.

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To schedule an appointment, or for more information, contact Disability Services Advisor (503) 842-8222 x1145.


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