Documentation of Disability

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for providing documentation of a disability?

Any Tillamook Bay Community College student requesting accommodations from Disability Services. 

What is disability documentation?

Documentation is current and specific information about a student’s disability provided by a licensed clinical professional with expertise and training in the field of that disability.

  • All documentation requires the physician or other qualified professional to provide the following:

    1. Present a clear statement of diagnosis;
    2. Present the symptoms that the student displays that meet the criteria for the diagnosis;
    3. Identify the status of the student's condition (static or changing);
    4. A summary of assessment procedures;
    5. The academic impact of the disability on the student;
    6. Suggested reasonable accommodations which are supported by the diagnosis;
    7. Statement must be typed on the professional's letterhead, signed, and contain the professional's title and credentials.

When must a student provide disability documentation?

Documentation must be provided before the student can receive accommodations.

Where is disability documentation kept?

Documentation is kept in a confidential file which is maintained as a separate disability services file, and is not part of the student’s academic transcript.

Why does TBCC need documentation of disability?

Documentation is used to determine eligibility and effective accommodations for each student.

Approved Academic Accommodations (AAA) Form

What Is an AAA?

The Approved Academic Accommodations (AAA) form is a confidential document produced by your Career Education Advisor as a method of communicating your accommodation needs to your instructor. The AAA form:

  • is created each term to address your specific eligibility and accommodation needs.

  • does not disclose the nature of your disability.

  • includes Career Education Advisor information in case the instructor has questions or concerns.

How To Obtain AAAs

Meet with a Career Education Advisor each term to request your AAA form.

When To Obtain AAAs

Obtain your AAAs as soon as possible after you have registered for your class. Accommodations do not begin until after you have shown your instructor the AAA letter and discussed your needs for the class. Accommodations are not retroactive.

How To Present The AAA To Your Instructor

  1. Contact your instructor to privately discuss your accommodations. You may wish to email your instructor prior to the start of the term to request a meeting.

  2. Introduce yourself and present the AAA form. Here's an easy introduction you might try:  "Hi, I'm ___ in your ___ class. I'm working with Disability Services and my counselor has prepared this letter to indicate the accommodations I will need in your course."

  3. Discuss the AAA, which accommodations you are requesting, and how you and the instructor can work together to ensure your access to the course. Information about the nature of the disability you experience is confidential. If you are asked about your disability, you may refer your instructor to your AAA form or to your Career Education Advisor.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, contact Career Education Advisor (503)842-8222 x1145