Career Pathways is for everyone: high school students, college students and adult workers. Career Pathways is designed to help you look at your education in terms of a career. Whether you plan to join the work force straight out of high school or go to a community college or university, Career Pathways can help you get the training and education you need.

The [PDF] files on this page are the best for printing.

Business and Management


Health Sciences

Nursing (Clatsop CC) [PDF]
Diagnostic Imaging (LBCC) [PDF]

Industrial and Engineering Systems

Human Resources

Criminal Justice [PDF]  

Arts, Information, and Communication

Under Development

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources [PDF]

Career Pathways Resources

Career Pathways Information


Clatsop CC = Clatsop Community College

LBCC = Linn-Benton Community College

PCC = Portland Community College

COCC = Central Oregon Community College

EMT/EMS = Emergency Medical Technology/Emergency Medical Services           


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High School and TBCC Plan of Study Templates (POST)