Career Pathways is for everyone: high school students, college students and adult workers. A Career Pathways Roadmap is a visual representation to help you learn about the jobs, skills, and education required for specific careers. Roadmaps can assist you in your career and education planning. Whether you plan to join the work force straight out of high school or go to a community college or university, Career Pathways can help you get the training and education you need. Career Pathways Brochure(PDF).

The links below will assist you in learning more about each career area. The [PDF] files on this page are what works best for printing.

Business and Management

Retail Management [PDF]

Health Sciences

Nursing (Clatsop CC) [PDF]
Diagnostic Imaging (LBCC) [PDF]

Occupational Therapy Assistant (LBCC) [PDF]

Medical Assistant (Clatsop CC) [PDF]

Industrial and Engineering Systems


Human Resources

Criminal Justice [PDF]
Brochure [PDF]


Arts, Information, and Communication

Under Development

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources [PDF]


High School and TBCC Plan of Study Templates (POST)


Video Video
Video Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management [PDF]

Career Pathways Resources

Career Pathways Information


Clatsop CC = Clatsop Community College

LBCC = Linn-Benton Community College

PCC = Portland Community College

COCC = Central Oregon Community College

EMT/EMS = Emergency Medical Technology/Emergency Medical Services


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