The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) provides a one-year curriculum for students who plan to transfer to a state of Oregon community college or university. The module allows students to complete one year of general education foundation course work that is academically sound and will meet the admission standards of the receiving school. The OTM is not a certificate or degree.

Students should work closely with an academic advisor to ensure selection of appropriate course work. Upon transfer, students may be required to complete additional course work in general education, or an academic major, that is specific to the receiving institution. Students who transfer prior to the completion of the Oregon Transfer Module will have their courses individually evaluated by the receiving institution.

Students must complete a minimum of 45 credits of lower division course work with a grade of C- or better in order to receive credit for the Oregon credits.

The Oregon Transfer Module worksheet is located on the right side of this page.

Comprehensive Requirements

Writing & Oral

All candidates must complete 2 courses from:

WR 121

Lower division collegiate writing courses (minimum 3 credits) for which WR 121 is a prerequisite.

The WR course must have a grade of "C" or better or provide an official transcript with a qualifying prior degree.

Oral Communications

Complete one course from the following:

    COMM 111 or COMM 112


All candidates must complete 1 course from:

    MTH 105
    A MTH course of 4 credits or more for which MTH 95 is a prerequisite

Introduction to Disciplines Requirements

Arts and Humanities

3 courses from the AAOT Arts & Letters list ie: Art, foreign languages, humanities, journalism, literature, music, philosophy, speech, theater arts, women's studies

Social Science

3 courses from the AAOT Social Science list ie: Anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology, and women's studies.


3 courses from the AAOT Science/Mathematics list ie: Biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, general science, geology, mathematics,and physics. Note; Must include at least one biological or physical science course with a lab; a Mathematics course taken to satisfy the Foundation Skills requirement will not count in this category.

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