Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management

The Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation Management AAS degree prepares graduates for management-level positions within hospitality and related industries.  The degree adds depth and breadth to business and industry knowledge (understanding and application) as well as additional communication and general education knowledge.

Students who successfully complete the AAS degree will develop proficiency in technology and the communication skills needed at the management level in the hospitality and tourism industry; utilize technical/computer skills for keeping business records and financial statements; apply skills for human relations activities for hospitality industry operations; apply effective routine, technical, and persuasive styles of written communication; apply effective verbal communications in various settings; demonstrate necessary professional skills for conducting business in the hospitality industry; and demonstrate effective communications, problem-solving, and human relations skills.


Students who successfully complete the AAS degree will:

  • develop skills and knowledge appropriate for management employment in the hospitality and tourism industry, in food, recreation, travel or lodging venues;
  • apply marketing and sales, operations, and human resources functions and principles in the hospitality industry;
  • demonstrate strong quality customer service skills and practices;
  • apply professional market-appropriate guest service standards to deliver competitive guest experiences to diverse cultural groups;
  • identify the various hospitality industry functions and their required procedural and legal techniques;
  • and discuss the importance of, and techniques for, maximizing hiring, training and development, and retention of hospitality employees.

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All degree candidates must comply with Comprehensive Requirements, Specific Requirements, and General Education Requirements for the AAS Degree

Less Than 1-Year and 1-Year Certificates available. See TBCC Catalog for more information.

Helpful Links

  • Hospitality and Tourism Pathway Certificate Worksheet

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