Criminal Justice

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Criminal Justice AAS will:

  • prepare quality reports of investigations in a manner that communicates concise and factual information and are capable of withstanding courtroom scrutiny;
  • conduct searches and seizures in a manner that complies with statutory and constitutional requirements;
  • communicate with individuals using verbal and non-verbal methods that recognize diverse cultures, ethnic groups and non-traditional populations;
  • carry out criminal investigations using effective and legal interrogation techniques;
  • manage initial custody of adults and juveniles with an understanding of differing procedures; and recognize behaviors during encounters with individuals that indicate substance abuse or mental health issues.

Links:    Criminal Justice Degree Worksheet

             2-Year Term-To-Term Plan

Minimum 92 credit hours; includes minimum of 72 credit hours of Criminal Justice plus related requirements, General Education credit hours, and elective courses. Consult a Career and Education Advisor for assistance in planning General Education courses. Students must also meet Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements and Associate of Applied Science Requirements.

Students must pass all prerequisites with a “C” or better in order to enroll in any CJA courses with a “200” or higher designator.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should contact that institution for transfer information, as well as consult a Career and Education Advisor.


All degree candidates must comply with Comprehensive Requirements, Specific Requirements, and General Education Requirements for the AAS Degree

Corrections Technician Certificate Available. See TBCC Catalog for more information.

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