Student Information on Disability Services


Disability Services collaborates with students, staff, faculty, and community members to create inclusive, equitable, diverse, and sustainable learning environments for all. Tillamook Bay Community College provides a wide range of in-class and campus access services to students who experience documented disabilities. The department is a resource for creative problem-solving to enhance access in the following areas:

  • Admission/registration assistance, advising, and advocacy

  • Accommodations for classes, including:                        

- Test accommodations (extended time, reduced distraction, reader, scribe)
- Alternate format (computer text with digital audio, Braille)
- Technology (computer software and hardware and other devices)
- Service Providers (sign language interpreter, classroom aide)

  • Consultation, referral, and disability awareness information

  • Accessibility information, maps, and basic mobility orientation

Students are responsible for initiating the accommodation request process. You should begin these steps immediately after you've registered for classes and BEFORE the term begins. Please schedule an appointment to discuss specific needs and to request accommodations prior to each term. Disability Services is available through the Career Education Advisors in Student Services, 503-842-8222 ext. 1145.

A student requesting support services must:

  • Submit proper documentation supporting the disability

  • Complete an Accommodations Request Form

  • Provide a copy of your class schedule

Documentation requirements

  • All documentation must be administered within the last three years.

  • All documentation must be on file before services are provided.

  • All students must be registered for classes before services are provided.

  • All documentation requires the physician or other qualified professional to provide the following:

    1. Present a clear statement of diagnosis;

    2. Present the symptoms that the student displays that meet the criteria for the diagnosis;

    3. Identify the status of the student's condition (static or changing);

    4. A summary of assessment procedures;

    5. The academic impact of the disability on the student;

    6. Suggested reasonable accommodations which are supported by the diagnosis;

    7. Statement must be typed on the professional's letterhead, signed, and contain the professional's title and credentials.

Here is how you can become eligible for accommodations:

  1. Collect your documentation of disability. See the list of needed documentation above.

  2. Meet with a Career Education Advisor. You and your advisor will discuss appropriate accommodations based on your disability. Please bring your class schedule for the upcoming term.

  3. Work with your Career Education Advisor to complete an "Approved Academic Accommodations" form. This form is completed each term for your instructors.

  4. Have a great term!

It is the policy of Tillamook Bay Community College and its Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability height/weight ratio, organizational affiliation, or political affiliation in any educational programs, activities or employment. Lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in career and technical education programs. Persons having questions about nondiscrimination should contact the Dean of Administrative Services at TBCC, 4301 Third Street, Tillamook, Oregon, Room 110, Phone (503) 842-8222, ext. 1020 or TDD (503) 842-2467.

  • Section 504 Coordinator, Michele Burton, Director of Student Services, 4301 Third Street, Tillamook,Oregon,  Room 116, Phone (503) 842-8222, ext. 1110
  • Title II Coordinator, Pat Ryan, Director - Facilities, Human Resources, Safety, 4301 Third Street, Tillamook, Oregon, Room 122, Phone (503) 842-8222, ext. 1020
  • Title IX Coordinator, Ann Hovey, Chief Academic Officer, 4301 Third Street, Tillamook, Oregon, Room 110, Phone (503) 842-8222, ext. 1030

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To schedule an appointment, or for more information, contact Career Education Advisor (503)842-8222 x1145


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