Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.          Why does my MyPCC account say that I have been denied financial aid for 2013-2014?

Beginning summer 2013 Tillamook Bay Community College will be processing financial aid. This financial aid denial is a hold to prevent students from completing an award letter at PCC. TBCC students will no longer access financial aid information through MyPCC.

Q.           How will TBCC contact me regarding financial aid?

The financial aid office will be using the TBCC email to contact students until new financial aid software is available for student access. Students with questions are asked to visit Student Services or make a financial aid appointment.

Q.           I have questions about financial aid who do I need to ask?

Located in student services, the financial aid office is available for questions in person, by phone 503-842-8222 x1130, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Financial aid appointments are scheduled through the online appointment scheduler.

Q.           How do I make an appointment with a financial aid advisor?

Appointments can be made through the online appointment scheduler located in the lower right hand corner of each financial aid page on the website.

Q.           I will be taking a class at TBCC and classes at PCC in 2013-2014. At which school will my financial aid award letter need to be completed?

As long as you have at least one class each term at TBCC you will need to complete your financial aid through TBCC.

Q.           If I am taking summer classes, will I have to pay up front or will the college be able to apply my balance to my financial aid?

As long as you have an accepted 2013-2014 financial aid award letter showing on your course and fee statement for summer and the amount is enough to pay your balance you will not have to pay up front for tuition fees and books. To view your course and fee statement log onto MyTBCC, select the student tab, click on "Student Finances" on the left hand side and then generate your course and fee statement.

Q.           I plan to transfer to PCC in 2013-2014 what do I need to do?

Students who plan to attend only PCC in 2013-2014 will need to submit a revision request letting PCC know that they will not be attending TBCC in 2013-2014.Revision request forms are available online at www.PCC.ed/fa.

Q.           How will these changes in financial aid affect veteran’s (VA) services?

PCC will continue provide VA services and official transcripts for 2013-2014. VA benefits will be processed through PCC, while financial aid will be processed through TBCC.

Q.           How will I receive my financial aid refund?

TBCC has two options for financial aid refunds. Students can choose direct deposit or a check will be mailed the student's address on file. Students can sign up for direct deposit by completing a form available at the TBCC bookstore or online under "student finances"on the student tab when logged on to MyTBCC.

Q.           When will I receive my financial aid refund?

Students who have an accepted award letter before the start of the term will typically receive their grant money the end of the second week of the term. New student loan borrowers will receive their loans 30 days after the start of the term. Refunds will be delayed past the second week for Summer Term 2013.

Q.           If I take classes at TBCC summer term how will that affect my PELL grant?

The PELL grant pays for the maximum of 3 full time terms. Students who are only receiving PELL will see a reduction in their financial aid in another term when they receive PELL money for summer term classes (see Full year PELL examples).

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