Distance Learning

In addition to the many courses the College offers throughout Tillamook County, it also provides access to educational distance learning opportunities. These courses are academically equivalent to on-campus classes and credits will transfer to other community colleges and four-year institutions.

Online Courses take place via the Internet, using various software tools that allow instructors to place course content in a password-protected site that only students who are registered for the class can access. Students can access these courses from any computer that has a connection to the Internet at any time, day or night. Instructors will communicate course information through your TBCC email.

Hybrid Courses combine face-to-face instruction in a campus classroom and/or lab with online instruction. A significant portion of the course learning takes place online, so required classroom/lab time is reduced.

On-campus Courses with online support allow instructors to post handouts and other documentation online for 24/7 access from any computer with Internet access.

Non-Credit Courses for professional development and lifelong learning are also available.

Make your online adventure a big success by checking out the information on these pages: Requirements | Resources

Courses Offered

Current TBCC course listings can be found in the course schedule (PDF), or through MyTBCC's course schedule feature.

Credit Courses

To see if a credit course is an online or hybrid course click course schedule and jump to schedule page 30.

Non-Credit Courses

To go directly to non-credit online offerings click Ed2go.

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