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TBCC Scholarships

2016-2017 Scholarships Available

The TBCC Foundation offers many different types of  scholarships that can help you pay for tuition, fees, books, child care expenses and more.

This scholarship is intended to assist a student at Tillamook Bay Community College who is interested in the field of horticulture or natural resources

This scholarship is intended to assist a TBCC student in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Degree Program

This scholarship is intended to celebrate the legacy of Fred Frantz and “Pass the Torch” to the next generation of students interested in welding and manufacturing

This scholarship is intended to assist a TBCC student in their second year of a degree or certificate program.

This scholarship is intended to assist a second year TBCC student to continue their educational goals

This Scholarship is intended to support the purchasing of textbooks for a TBCC student, and can be used at the TBCC Bookstore

Outside Scholarships

2015-2016 Scholarships Available

Scholarship Resources

  • FASTWEB A college planning and Scholarship Search with over $3 billion scholarships.
  • College Board Explore scholarships, college costs and understand how financial aid works.


Financial Aid Information

Types of Financial Aid

Financial Literacy

  • Inceptia



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