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Sources Matter!

The era of the no author, no date, no title web citation is about to come to an end.  Together we will issue in a new day.  A new day, where instead of using the first source we can find, we will use the best source we can find.  We can do this!

Hello, my name is Luke Kralik and I am the librarian here at TBCC.  If you are a new student I would like to offer you a warm welcome, and if you are a returning student I am glad that you are back.

This year the library will be focusing on improving the quality of the resources we use when creating research projects.  I will be working with a few of your professors, and hopefully this year will be the year we kick to the curb.

Our rallying cry for the year will be “Sources Matter!”

I hope you have a successful academic year,

Luke Kralik
Director of Library and Learning Resources

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(503) 842-8222 x1710

As always, the TBCC Library is your library.  If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let us know.
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