Computer literacy is essential for those taking online courses.
Must be admitted as a TBCC student. If you have not gone through this process please click Admissions Information

Computer Equipment & Software Requirements

Students are encouraged to have a computer at home with:
  • Internet access via a local Internet Service Provider (High-speed access is preferable to facilitate downloads and streaming video)
  • A Web browser (Firefox is the preferred browser as courses are optimized for viewing in Firefox)
  • Some online courses require students to have home access to additional computer equipment such as scanners, printers, or additional software.

Students taking online classes may use the computers in the TBCC Library for web access. However, additional equipment (scanner and other peripherals) or specialized software may be limited or unavailable at the College.

Computer Skill Requirements for Online Courses:

While there may be specific requirements for certain courses, all students should have these basic skills:
  • The ability to create and find directories, folders and files on a computer drive and flash or CD drive.
  • Experience navigating the Internet
  • An active email account and familiarity with sending and receiving email attachments
  • Ability to use word processing software
  • Keyboarding skills are a plus

Software Resources

These are all free software programs!

  • PowerPoint Viewer - allows you to read Microsoft PowerPoint files without the PowerPoint program
  • Word Viewer - allows you to read Microsoft Word files without the Word program
  • Excel Viewer - allows you to read Microsoft Excel files without the Excel program
  • Mozilla Firefox - quality Internet browser that should be used to most clearly read class website
  • Open Office - you may be required to use Microsoft Word or Excel in this class. If you do not have those software programs, Open Office is an open-source, free alternative. You can also use computers in the College library which have the Microsoft programs loaded.

Computer purchase Resources

Additional Resources


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