About Phi Theta Kappa

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Our Mission

Phi Theta Kappa's mission is two-fold:
  1. Recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and;
  2. Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.

To contact a PTK Officer email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-842-8222 ext. 2116. To contact the PTK Advisor email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-842-8222 ext. 1880.

Pam Stanfield

Pam Stanfield


Hello fellow students at Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC). I would like to introduce myself. My name is Pam Stanfield. I was born and raised in a small Eastern Oregon town and relocated to Tillamook about three years ago with my husband, Bill, and my daughter, Shelby. I have grown to love Tillamook for its beauty and unpredictable weather. I started attending TBCC in the fall of 2012. I am learning very valuable information that is going to help shape my future as a Substance Abuse Counselor. I have made many wonderful friends here at TBCC. The staff and the students have been there to help me and encourage me to do my best and to reach my goals. I would love to be able to give back some of that kindness and compassion that has been so freely given to me here at TBCC by being your 2014-2015 PTK President. My advice to students would be to work hard and NEVER give up!

Vice President



Judith Lobato



Brenda Velazquez-Villa

Brenda Velazquez-Villa


I’ve lived in Tillamook for 11 years. I am currently studying to become a nurse.  I will be transferring to Concordia University after graduation. I chose TBCC because I wanted to be close to my family. I joined PTK because I wanted to experience new things and become more active with students. Some advice that I would give to new students would be to do as many scholarships as they can, and to enjoy the experience of college.

Garrett Burr
Garrett Burr

Public Relations

My family moved to Tillamook when I was two years old, so I've been here for about 17 years. I am in my second year at Tillamook Bay, and I am pursuing my Associate of Science Oregon Transfer degree in Business--whew, quite a title. Along with taking general courses, I need to take business and computer courses that will prepare me for a business program at a four-year college. Currently, I am considering such majors as Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I chose TBCC because it allows me stay close to the people who matter most to me as I transition into adulthood and college life. I chose Phi Theta Kappa because I believe I can add creativity and, hopefully, help make the college experience better; not only for me, but also for all students. Remember, if we can all participate and add a little bit of ourselves to TBCC, we can change it for the better and leave a mark for future students. Some advice for students pursuing degrees: research and plan!

Melanie Weber

PTK Advisor


Hi, I’m Melanie.  I was born in the land of “cheese, trees and ocean breeze.”  I received my Associate of Arts Block Transfer Degree from Portland Community College.  Several of those credits were earned right here at Tillamook Bay Community College and, before that, with the Tillamook High School Honors Program.  I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology Degree from The University of Oregon.  I am passionate about education, traveling and my family.  Please stop by to see me at the Testing Center, located next to the Library at Tillamook Bay Community College.  Please remember to “Act in Kindness” and seize THIS day!

Phi Theta Kappa meetings are held Tuesdays, at 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM, in Room 106.  ALL Students and Alumni are welcome.