The TBCC Library & Testing Lab are located on the second floor of the TBCC campus. We offer a quiet, distraction free, testing environment. Our three primary testing services are:

Compass placement testing

Exam Proctoring

GED testing

Compass Placement testing

TBCC uses Placement Testing to determine students’ academic skill level for appropriate course placement. Most new TBCC students are required to take the Placement Test to determine their skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Placement test scores can demonstrate satisfaction of prerequisite, or required skill levels for enrollment in many TBCC courses. TBCC uses the computer-based COMPASS Placement Test and testing is offered in both the Library and the Testing lab.

The test is untimed and can be taken any time during the library's hours of operation.  The exam takes an average of two hours to complete, but can be broken in to sections.  Taking the test is free for students who are planing to attend TBCC.  However, there is a $20 retake fee.

Individuals not intending to take classes at TBCC will be charged $20 to take the test.

Each test (reading, writing and math) may be taken twice in a three year period.

Math placement test scores are valid for 3 years, while reading and writing scores do not expire.

Because the placement test is used to place you in appropriate college level classes, doing your best will save you time and money.  Students are strongly encouraged to use the following study tools to prepare for the test:

Compass Study Tools

You can also download these free COMPASS sample questions to learn more about what you can expect and to help you get ready for the tests:




Compass Introductory Video [youtube]

Exam Proctoring

Local students taking classes or training through other colleges' distance programs often are required to take exams. The TBCC Library and Testing lab agrees to provide supervision and a secure testing environment for those exams.

Exams are proctored in the Testing lab during the library's regular hours of operation.  The only exception to this is when the Testing lab is being used for GED testing.  GED testing usually occurs on Thursdays, but other days are possible.  Students are encouraged to contact the library before scheduling a test date with their instructors.

To have an exam proctored you will need to notify your institution that TBCC has agreed to proctor your exam. You will need to provide them with our contact information:

Masyn Phoenix
Tillamook Bay Community College
4301 Third Street
Tillamook, OR  97141
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
503 842-8222 ext. 1720

Your college or institution will then mail your exam or information to us directly. Because of the high volume of exams we proctor, you will not be notified when it arrives --- you will need to contact us to confirm that your exam has been received.

There is no fee for TBCC students.  If you are not a TBCC student, the fee is $30 per exam.  Payment for the exam needs to be received at the TBCC bookstore prior to testing.

GED testing

For more information about GED testing, as well as information on how to start, visit:

Getting Started: GED Preparation